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Friends of the Museum

The Friends of the East Surrey Museum provide support through their subscriptions and, if they can spare the time, by volunteering to help with the day to day running of the museum. They keep in touch by means of a Newsletter which comes out three times a year, and they may vote at the museum's Annual General Meetings.
The subscription is just 10 a year: cash, cheque, or by standing order. Paying your subscription by standing order makes life easier for all of us. It gives us a guaranteed income without the need for reminders, which are costly and time consuming.

Membership application and standing order forms are now available to download from this website in both PDF and MSWord doc format. MSWord format has the advantage that it allows you to enter your details from the keyboard.

To download the form in PDF format please click or tap here.

To download the form in MSWord doc format please click or tap here.


The museum is wholly run by volunteers, including the curator and deputy curator. We are always in need new people to come and help. You do not need to have any special knowledge, skills, or previous experience, and you will always be partnered with a more experienced volunteer until you are more confident.
We need people to help with:

We are a friendly bunch of people from all walks of life who enjoy bringing our local past to the present generation. You don't have to be at all academic to join in. If you think you might like to help, contact the museum for further details.


Donations are always welcome and may be made inside the museum in cash or by means of our dedicated contactless card reader. If you prefer to make a donation online, please follow this link which will take you to the secure 'Give a Little' portal.


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